Eden – A hololens project


Initial idea

  • Create and grow a Garden
  • Place to relax
  • Education through teaching the cultivation of plants based on user interactions


Planning MVP

Pre Vis

  • Being able to plant seeds and grow a garden
  • Using rain to grow a plant



  • User experience
  • User interface
  • Assets – 3D models, animation, textures and audio
  • Script writing
  • Research
  • Brand design
  • Presentation
  • Business model
  • Unity + hololens development
  • Testing



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Bee Guide

The Bee Guide is a virtual buddy in “Eden”. He will show the user around and provide guidance throughout the experience.

  • Guide the user initially to map out the environment
  • Prompt user what to do during initial induction
  • Follows user around and provide real time help when needed
  • Give user subtle indication around point of interests



  • We used a mix of voice, natural and generated sound effects to enhance to our MR project.
  • All sound is spacial to give the virtually generated images presence.
  • We used natural sounds to simulate different interactions such as rain
  • For interactions of sunlight generated sounds were employed.
  • Some sound bites are used to guide the user’s attention to aspects of the virtual world.
  • An ambient track is also present to set the mood of the experience.




Future roadmap

  • More varieties of plants, seeds
  • Grafting, stemming, crossbreeding, and other plant cultivation techniques
  • Animals are attracted by the plants
  • Create an ecology through the interactions of virtual plants and animals
  • Different plant bio-mes such as; arctic / desert / forest

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